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Registration and Contract for Motorcycle Safety Foundation(BRC) Course

*Full Legal Name:
Date of Birth:
*Street Address:
*Postal/Zip Code
*SSN# - -
Home Phone: - -
Student's Cell: - -
*Mother's Cell: - -
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*Please select your Class Dates (7:00am -5:00pm):
July 01, 2017 & July 02, 2017
July 08, 2017 & July 09, 2017
1. CERTIFICATION : I certify that the above statements are true and correct.
2. TRAINING: The course consists of classroom instruction and range training.
3. TUITION: The student shall pay $250.00 to OKLAHOMA MOTORCYCLE SCHOOL. As tuition for a complete course in BASIC RIDER COURSE. If the student is a minor, his/her legal guardian agrees to pay the tuition fee. Payment of tuition shall be paid upon enrollment. There will be a $35.00 charge assessed on all returned checks. Credit card payments will be assessed $10 service fee
4. REFUNDS: The school will not refund any tuition if the school is ready to fulfill its part of this agreement and/or is prevented from doing so by lack of cooperation of the student and/or his/her guardian.
5. LOCATION:The range training will be held in 5915 YORK DRIVE NORMAN OK 73069.
6. MOTORCYCLES: OKLAHOMA MOTORCYCLE SCHOOL maintains a fleet of motorcycle to be utilized by the BASIC RIDER COURSE.Participants may utilize their personal motorcycle,250cc or smaller for the course only after inspection by OKLAHOMA MOTORCYCLE SCHOOL/MOTORCYCLE SAFETY FOUNDATION personal for safety and with proof of liability insurance.
7. PREREQUISITE: I certify that I know how to balance two-wheel Bicycle and I have completed MSF online eCourse.
8. OPERATION : OKLAHOMA MOTORCYCLE SCHOOL agrees to operate and conduct the school in accordance with the rules for Commercial Driver Training, Department of Public Safety and Motorcycle Safery Foundation.
9. GEAR : Student must provide Long Sleeve shirt or jacket,Long pants,Full finiger gloves,sturdy,over the ankle boots,Eye protection.DOT approved Helmet (can be provided by OKLAHOMA MOTORCYCLE SCHOOL).
10. No Employee of OKLAHOMA MOTORCYCLE SCHOOL will make any guarantee that student/riders will recieve a License Waiver Completion Card as a result of taking this class.
11.I agree and understand that I am registering for the Basic RiderCourse with OKLAHOMA Motorcycle School. I understand that it is a 2 day course, and if I miss any segments of the class I am enrolled to (this includes being tardy to ANY of the sessions) I will not be able to continue and will need to re-register and pay for a new class in order to receive completion certificate. This course is nonrefundable, and non-transferable. I must give a minimum of 48 hours notice to reschedule without incurring in a $50.00 reschedule fee. If I do not show up for class without rescheduling I forfeit the entire tuition and will need to re-register and pay for a future class.
12.I understand that it is required for me to wear the appropriate riding gear while on the motorcycle and scooter trainers, and that there are no exceptions to this requirement. If I do not meet these requirements I will be dismissed from class and will need to re-register and pay for a future class.
13. Agreement: A signed copy of these agreements shall contains the entire contract between parties and no changes or amendments thereto shall be binding upon the parties, unless made in writing.
I agree to the above statements*